Farm Services

We are a first opinion mixed animal practice, covering routine and emergency work supported by a proactive veterinary team. Preventative measures are encouraged to achieve healthy livestock where “prevention is always better than cure”.

Our services are vast and always developing. Please click on any of the following services to view more details;

24 Hour Emergency Cover By Our Own Team

Emergency out of hours cover is provided by our own vets, therefore a personal out of hours service with a team that you know. Please call our usual daytime phone number where you will be given a mobile number to call. Or call direct on: 07711 434290

Fertility Testing Service

Dairy Cattle
Regular routine visits for cattle fertility with pregnancy diagnostic ultrasound scanning available. We aim to organise your routine visit by providing you with a specific vet and a back up so they know your individual farm. Software analysis of data can be used to help detect issues in fertility and health events prior to problems occurring
Beef Cattle
Routine fertility work is important to maintain a tight calving pattern and an efficient farming system. We offer pre-mating checks on cows for cycling activity. While also offering assistance with heifer selection.

Heifer selection is an important skill during beef fertility and the ‘pelvimeter’ may be used to select heifers most appropriate for breeding. We can provide you with a synchronisation programme to achieve tight batch calving.
Pre-tupping blood sampling is a useful tool in sheep fertility for optimum tupping health. At Broughton Vets, we can carry out ram vasectomies either on farm or in practice so a teaser may be used before putting the ram into the ewes and therefore tightening the lambing time. For enquiries on ram vasectomies, please give us a call.

Bull And Tup Semen Evaluation And Breeding Soundness Examination

A full physical examination is performed to find any possible reason that a bull or tup may not be able to mate or produce semen.  Following this, semen is gathered using an electroejaculator to evaluate the quality of the semen.

A vet is able to assess the motility of semen and therefore its ability to function.

Herd And Flock Health Planning

Receive a comprehensive health plan for your herd or flock which complies with ‘Red Tractor Standards’, built between the vet and farmer for the most accurate assessment of your farm. 

Your tailor-made herd health plan includes an assessment of your individual farm’s health and performance, disease control, vaccination, medicines review, biosecurity, surveillance and goals which is ideally reassessed annually to review actions required and achieve best performance of your farm. 

Your flock health plan includes all aspects of performance, objectives, management, husbandry, protocols, biosecurity and goals as well as a yearly planner for your sheep flock.

All of our health plans are created to meet farm assurance standards and allow cost benefit analysis of farm health performance. This should be a useful document that is referred to on a regular basis to get the most out of it. 

Livestock Clubs

We have several clubs within our farm sector to provide farmers with up to date information specific to their type of livestock and business. Covering a mix of topics depending on the animals and time of year to help manage your farm.

For more information or if you would like to join, please contact the Lutterworth branch here.

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Routine Procedures

We perform a variety of routine procedures from castration, umbilical hernia repair, dehorning/disbudding, exporting of livestock and the list goes on. As well as surgical procedures, we routinely carry out other procedures such as; blood sampling and disease investigations or surveillance. If there is something you are looking for, give us a call.

Emergency Procedures

We perform a vast range of emergency procedures for your dairy, beef, sheep, goats, pigs, camelids etc. This has included; calving, lambing, unpacking, caesarean, left/right displaced abomasums, bloated animals, stitch ups, tail or hoof amputation and generally unwell or injured animals and slaughter certificates. Please see our ‘farm links’ section of our website for more information on the rules and regulations relating to slaughter certificates or click here or give us a call.

Computerised Records And Software For Livestock Analysis

There are so many computerised records and software that we do our best to keep up with the latest. Used to aid analysis of dairy herd values and assist in health indicators.

Mobility And Lameness Monitoring

Lameness prevention in livestock is a crucial part of health and welfare due to being a contributing factor to a number of ailments affecting yield and fertility.
Our head veterinary nurse, Jan Bothwell, is a trained DairyCo mobility mentor for the practice as part of the Dairy Health Feet Programme (DHFT), so providing an external service for farms which is occasionally a requirement to comply with a selection of the supermarket milk contracts.

Farmer Training

Regular farmers’ meetings, discussion groups and training workshops on farm are held to provide information and training on current health issues, updates on current legislation and developments in farm animal conditions and treatments. We also send monthly newsletters and give free telephone advice.
See our ‘Meetings and presentations’ section for more details on previous and upcoming meetings.

Laboratory Services – Inhouse And External

Our on site laboratory offers an extensive range of testing services including; biochemistry, microbiology, cytology, faecal analysis, urine analysis, milk testing and parasitology. Faecal egg counts are regularly performed by our nurses to examine for worm eggs and coccidial levels. This in turn can be used to look for anthelmintic resistance and therefore help with the correct choice of wormer to be used in your livestock. Inhouse laboratory work often provides results within hours of testing. For tests which may be more complex or require other equipment we have a variety of external laboratories to choose from which we use on a regular basis. Results from external laboratories depend largely on the test required as some can take over a week for full analysis.

Vaccination And Worming Protocols

As part of health planning, the veterinarians will help you create a tailor-made, up to date vaccination and worming protocol to match your farm’s needs.
SCOPS (Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep) is an excellent resource for our vets and farmers when managing parasites within their flock.
COWS (Control of Worms Sustainably) is the cattle dedicated resource to refer to when managing parasites within a herd.
Give us a call and we can advise you on what would be best for your livestock.

Pre-Movement And Post-Movement Tuberculosis Testing

We undertake pre-movement testing for our clients however do not routinely perform the statutory TB testing which is required by the government i.e. whole herd tests, inconclusive reactors and tracer tests. 
Please give us a call and we can book in your pre-movement test. 
In terms of statutory TB testing, our farm clients may choose to opt out of TB testing via the external provider and select Broughton Vets to do the testing. For more information regarding this, please contact the Lutterworth branch or visit


With camelids becoming ever more popular, we have some vets with a special interest in alpaca and llama health. Some of our camelid work includes; castrations, tuberculosis testing, vaccination, parasitology, unpacking and sick or injured camelids. Please call us if you have any specific requirement.