Small Animal Services

At Broughton Veterinary Group, we offer a full range of up to date medical and surgical services.

We are a first opinion mixed animal practice treating both small animals and large animals except equine. Broughton Vet Group are a proactive veterinary team providing the best of care to our patients.

Please see below for a summary of our facilities.

Consultations, Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention

Routine check ups, vaccinations and prophylactic (preventative) medicine are offered at both the Broughton Astley and Lutterworth clinics.

All vaccinations include a full clinical examination and fuss of your pet during a consultation with a veterinary surgeon, where any concerns or queries can also be addressed as well as up to date advice.

Our commonly used vaccinations for dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets are listed below however we do stock a selection and can source other brands.
Please give us a call if you have a specific requirement and we will do our best to accommodate this or recommend an alternative.

We stock a wide selection of preventative medications for both internal and external parasites, as well as a full range of prescription and non-prescription foods to meet all dietary requirements.

Nobivac DHPPi and L4 vaccinations; protecting against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza and leptospirosis. Nobivac kennel cough to vaccinate against kennel cough and we stock rabies vaccines for those pets who like to travel!
Nobivac RCP and FeLV vaccinations, which protect against the cat flu viruses, feline panleukopaenia and feline leukaemia virus.
Nobivac Myxo-RHD, which protects against myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease. Recently, a new strain of rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD2) has been seen in the UK, so we also recommend vaccination with the new Filivac VHD vaccine.
Ferrets can be vaccinated against distemper, which is an annual vaccination.

Please give us a call if you have a specific requirement and we will do our best to accommodate this or recommend an alternative. See our opening times for both branches if you would like to book an appointment

Nurse Clinics

Nurse clinics are carried out by our registered veterinary nurses (RVNs) and trained student veterinary nurses. These include:

  • Weight clinics
  • Nutrition and dietary advice
  • Expressing anal glands
  • Behaviour advice
  • Nail trimming
  • Adolescent health check
  • Dental health check
  • Microchipping
  • Post-operative check
  • Suture and staple removal
  • Pre-neuter consultation
  • Puppy parties

A number of our nurse clinics are free of charge however charges may apply for some nurse clinics.


Digital X-Ray
X-ray has long been a standard and essential diagnostic tool for many conditions and diseases. A top of the range digital facility at the Broughton Astley clinic is available for investigations of illness or injuries and also for routine screening such as hip-scoring.
A non-invasive diagnostic technique, ultrasound is generally used for pregnancy diagnosis as well as, chest, heart and abdominal imaging.
We have recently added a third imaging tool to our services and are excited to be able to offer endoscopy. This involves the use of a tiny camera mounted to a flexible tubing, which can be passed into the gastrointestinal or respiratory tract to visualise tissues and look for foreign bodies.

Surgical Procedures

Our experienced team perform a wide variety of surgical procedures from neutering and routine procedures such as lump removals and repairing wounds, to emergency procedures such as pyometra surgery, caesarian sections and so on.

We have the use of purpose built operating theatres at both the Broughton Astley clinic and the Lutterworth clinic to ensure the best possible surgical environment for all of our patients.

We also employ state of the art monitoring equipment to ensure patient safety is maintained to the highest standards throughout every procedure, no matter how small. Top monitoring facilities include the use of our capnography, ECG, pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitoring etc.

Please feel free to ask our vets or nurses about a surgical procedure for your pet as they will be able to explain the process and important considerations to you.

Dental Procedures

Both branches have the benefit of a comprehensive dental suite that provides facilities for scaling, polishing and surgical extractions as well as dental radiography at the Broughton Astley branch. This ensures that we are able to provide dentistry to cater for all of our patients needs; from cats and dogs, to rabbits and other small furries.

Our vets and nurses are also trained to give you advice on dental care and can give you help with choosing the correct method of prevention of dental disease in your pet.

Laboratory Facilities

With extensive inhouse laboratory facilities, we have an array of tests which can be performed.

This means we can often have results the same day which is very useful particularly in emergency cases.

Tests performed inhouse include:

  • BIOCHEMISTRY: this gives an indication as to the function of the liver, kidneys and electrolyte levels.
  • HAEMATOLOGY: allows us to assess the red blood cells (anaemia), white blood cells (infection and inflammation) and platelets (clotting of the blood).
  • T4: this is a test used to assess the function of the thyroid glands. This is also used to monitor patients receiving treatment for problems with their thyroid levels.
  • PHENOBARBITAL LEVELS: this is a test used as a monitoring tool for patients being treated with medication which is commonly used in cases of seizures.
  • FRUCTOSAMINE: this is a useful tool in the diagnosis and management of diabetes in our patients.
  • URINALYSIS: we can perform test to check for signs of infection, inflammation, crystals in the urine and to aid in assessing the function of the kidneys.

For some tests that cannot be performed at the surgery, we have a courier service provided from a variety of external laboratories, who offer a very wide range of additional tests. Samples will be collected and processed quickly, a report is then sent to our vets so we can discuss the results with you.


Pet Health Plans

We believe in a proactive, preventive approach to your pet’s healthcare, which is why we provide pet health plans to help you keep them happy and healthy for longer. Pet health plans enable costs to be spread into monthly payments to make sure your pet’s vaccinations, parasite control and general health are all up to date to help protect against preventable diseases and discomfort.

Pet health plans are not pet insurance and cover regular items such as; vaccinations, parasite treatment, health checks as well as discount on a selection of procedures and products, therefore those items not covered by insurance and so giving peace of mind that these areas are covered.

Pet health plans can be set-up in practice or over the phone.
Costs of our pet health plans vary depending on species and size. For further details please talk to a member of the team.


While you may expect and hope to not need to use your pet insurance, you are more likely to claim on pet insurance than your household insurance. Insuring your pet, gives you peace of mind if the unexpected happens.

A pet insurance policy will cover the cost of medical expenses that could not have been anticipated. This means that it will not cover the costs of routine visits to the vet such as for vaccinations or preventative parasite treatment or for neutering surgery.

There are a few main types of pet insurance being; lifetime cover, non-lifetime cover and accident only cover as well as exclusions and terms, such as with pre-existing conditions and older pets.

Therefore, please ensure that you read all of the documentation before taking out a new insurance policy, they will differ greatly and some will exclude many common conditions as part of their standard policy.

Our payment terms are payment at the time of treatment. The insurance company then pay you, the client directly. Any claims that you wish to be paid directly to us MUST be authorised by a director prior to any treatment.

Pet Travel

Several of our vets are qualified to issue pet passports and advice on travel.

We also advise checking the DEFRA website as requirements for individual countries are updated regularly

Repeat Prescriptions

If you require a repeat prescription, please give us a call and allow 24 hours before you need to collect it.

If any medications require special ordering there may be a slight delay but we will inform you of this should it be the case.

Written prescriptions can also be requested however do incur a small admin charge.

We do not accept repeat prescriptions via email or through our Facebook page as these are not monitored 24/7. Please call your preferred practice to order any medications.